5 Things to Look For When Signing a New Apartment Lease

5 Things to Look For When Signing a New Apartment Lease

Apartment hunting is not an easy thing to do especially if you are trying to find apartments in North Dallas. You went out apartment hunting and found the perfect place! It’s close to your job, nightlife, restaurants and everything you wanted. Now that you have found the perfect place you need to sign a lease.

A lot of people will tense up when looking over a lease for the first time, you don’t want to miss any of the fine print. A lot of leases are the same, but a lot of leases can be very different.
Your new apartment lease has to follow the local and state laws that govern both the tenant’s and landlord/management company’s rights. The local and state laws include regulations on security deposits, the eviction process and what happens if the lease is broken,

With a lot of leases varying as far as state and local laws there are a lot of things that should be included on every lease signed. You will want to keep the following things in mind and make sure you look at them before signing.

1- Make sure everyone’s name is on the lease! This is a MUST! If they are over 18 years old they need to sign the lease also. If you move someone into your apartment and they damage it, but the lease is only in your name then you will be the only one help responsible. Just because you like someone and think they will make a good roommate that doesn’t mean they will take care of the apartment the way you would.

2- The exact name and unit number should be listed on the lease. You really don’t want to sign a lease thinking you are getting one apartment and it turn out you get another one.

3- What is your rental rate? This should be somewhere on the lease. If it is not indicated somewhere on the lease you need to make sure it is before you sign it. There should never be any discrepancies as to what your rental rate is and what you are going to be paying each month. Again if the rental rate is not on the lease then don’t sign it.

4- Make sure the start and end dates are on your lease. This way you know without a doubt when your lease starts and when it ends. Breaking a lease early could carry some heavy penalties and could cost you a lot of money. The most important date you should have on your lease is when your rent is due. If you don’t know when your rent is due you could end up paying a lot of late fees and penalties or even be evicted.

5- Make sure you security deposit amount is noted in the lease. Some apartment complexes don’t charge security deposits, they charge a move in fee. Make sure this is noted and you understand what is going to happen when you move out.
When signing the lease make sure you look over the rules and regulations also. You do not want to move in and find out that your apartment complex has rules you can’t live with. Take note of the policies on visitors, parking, subletting, repairs, and renters insurance and on pets and types of pets that are allowed.

Try not to rush or let someone else rush you when signing a lease. The lease can be long and complex but it’s better to read over it now than make a costly mistake later on.